When BioWare’s Anthem launched in 2019, the sci-fi looter shooter came out with a shaky landing. Like many games in similar spots when they launched, BioWare later announced plans to redesign the game to something more substantial than the base game. Today, the studio announced that EA chose to cancel development on said overhaul — dubbed Anthem NEXT — due to productivity being affected by the COVID pandemic and subsequent work-from-home orders. As it stands, the original game will be kept running for…however long, with the staff who conceptualized NEXT now transferred to help work on the next Dragon Age.

After several delays, magazine pictures and character posters, Warner Bros. finally put out the first trailer for the new Mortal Kombat movie releasing in April. And it is…pretty great.


Right away, the trailer makes it clear that this film is going to follow through with the games’ penchant for violence, as it opens with Jax Briggs (Mechad Brooks) getting his arms frozen and ripped off by Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim). From there, things just get bloodier with glimpses of action scenes involving klassic kombatants like Hiroyuki Sanada’s hell-ninja Scorpion, Josh Lawson’s cyborg arms dealer Kano, and Sisi Stringer as the…

While 2020 kneecapped Marvel’s starting lineup of Phase 4 content thanks to that pesky little coronavirus, DC managed to keep their content train chugging. Wonder Woman 1984 finally dropped on HBO Max on Christmas as part of a shared theatrical streaming run that Warner Bros. is doing to get people to subscribe to HBO Max and not have to keep delaying everything. Now having seen the movie, it is totally clear why they would punt this to streaming instead of insisting it stay in theaters like Tenet.

Note: This contains slight spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984.

The first Wonder Woman

Earlier this week, Respawn released a new trailer for the fifth season of their battle royale shooter, Apex Legends. Like the previous seasons before it, Season 5 (aka “Fortune’s Favor”) features a new playable Legend, a high-tech thief named Loba.

Loba has a connection to Revenant, the Legend who debuted in the previous season, Assimilation. Revenant was once a human assassin converted into a robot, and one of his assignments saw him kill both of Loba’s parents when she was just a girl. …

There’s a lot to like about Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which just released last week. I love the combat and how lived in the world feels, I love the action set pieces and the dynamic between the characters and the music. What I haven’t been able to nail my overall thoughts down on the game’s second (or third) protagonist, Barret Wallace, and that’s largely because the game itself doesn’t seem to know.

Note: This contains light spoilers for Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

In the game, Barret is the leader of Avalanche, the terrorist group that lead character Cloud…

Yesterday, Twitter decided yet again talk about Spider-Man, as it does. Discussions ranged from topics like if Far From Home’s Mysterio twist didn’t work (it did), or who the best version of the wallcrawler is (Shameik Moore overall, Tom Holland if we keep it live action), and eventually turned to ranking the movies. Much like how everyone more or less agrees that Spider-Verse takes first place, it’s also generally accepted that the worst is 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The Marvel Gamerverse only has one released game under its belt, but is already showing signs of promise. Insomniac’s Spider-Man was one of the best games of 2018 and the current console generation and was a massive hit; I’m sure the sequel will be announced to great applause at the eventual PS5 reveal. In September, the Avengers will get a live co-op game bringing together countless heroes to fight continuous threats. But apart from that, there are currently no other games on the docket. (That we know of, as of today.)

To that end, I have to ask: can I…

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is a great film; it’s got enough style to put a modestly sized Hot Topic to shame, some killer action, and a great cast. I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope it gets the financial success it deserves because it’s easily a top 3 DCEU flick and a pleasant surprise to kick off 2020. There’s a lot to talk about in the film, but one quiet aside sticks out in relation to Harley and what the film is ultimately trying to do.

Note: this post…

Remember during the 2010s when it seemed every game was going to get a movie adaptation? Sony keeps threatening the world with an Uncharted film even after that franchise bowed out just a few years ago, but by and large the big screen ambitions of AAA 2010 gaming has died out.

Luckily, there’s been better success on the boob tube, with Castlevania having proven to be a hit, and other games like Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy XIV, and Ubisoft’s many, many IPs planning to follow suit in the near future. There’s plenty of games that fans think should get…

As good as it is to play video games that will let you troll everyone who looks at you like in Untitled Goose Game or want pure cinematic experiences like Star Wars Jedi, sometimes I just want a game that revels in excess and is complete and utter bullshit. I need something that feels like the fast food to fast food. Thankfully, the universe provided a game of that vein by way of Devil May Cry 5, released this past March. …

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